A LIFE ON-SCREEN – Short Film by Brian Ryu


Synopsis: Brittany Baccari is raising what she calls a celebrity dog. Her dog, Kiki, was most recently on an Emmy-nominated Netflix show, “It’s Bruno” and has made appearances on several smaller pieces. And now, Baccari is determined to make the dog famous by taking her to more auditions and by growing its Instagram page. Right now, Kiki has only 317 followers, but perhaps a photoshoot with her professional photographer boyfriend might help.

Brian Ryu’s film “A Life On-Screen” showcases the dog-version of an “immigration success story” where Kiki was rescued from a Korean dog meat slaughterhouse and is on her way to a small stardom. But more so, it’s about Baccari’s transformation as she admits to going through rough times herself and was “saved” by the dog, as she puts it. It’s a mutual relationship that the two share, but what is it about Brittany that makes her want to make the dog famous and look good? Baccari claims that she wants to inspire other dog-owners to adopt through Kiki’s inspirational story, but what is the truth behind her story that makes her don all the heavy makeup and always “look good”?

Daylight Interactive presents a film by Brian Ryu and Troy Enoka.

About The Content Creators:

Brian Ryu is a South Korean documentary filmmaker and journalist. He is a producer of Planting Earth Week. Previously, his animations have appeared in The New York Times and The New Yorker. Before getting his undergraduate degree in Film & TV Production at New York University, he was a United Nations peacekeeper in South Sudan.

Troy Enoka is a producer based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. He produced a web series, a feature film and over 15 award winning short films. He graduated from New York University in 2018 in Film and TV Production. His documentaries have been featured on PBS Hawaii, a member of the Public Broadcasting Service as well as online.


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