CAUGHT | Episode 1 [HD] | Wrath


CAUGHT is a horror shorts series that focuses on the shadow that is the primordial part of inheritance, and subjects do their best so it is never seen. Until now.

Episodic Synopsis: A middle-aged married man has led a suffocating life of hiding his true self. His secret causes him embarrassment, fear, and self-hatred. Desperate to break free from this claustrophobic situation, but afraid of what he’ll do, he loses control and wrath ensues.

Key Credits:
Created by: Katusha Jin and Piera Van de Wiel
Executive Producers: Kazuki Akiba, Piera Van de Wiel, and Katusha Jin
Directed by: Katusha Jin
Written by: Katusha Jin and Piera Van de Wiel


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