DIY Frame of Mind


Ding Dong Ditch came about as a patchwork of Super 8 ideaz between De Palma binging, Nowhere loopz, SOV diggin’ and Rinse Dream consideration. Strandedwriter is on pulse of genre thinkin’, so, with his camera and mind’s eye scoping out our taste for dread, we saved up what we could in two monthz and shot the flick at home. June brought her own blood, Greg made the costumez and alien bug at his place (the 50’z Sci-Fi Party idea was his), and the cast is made up of close-knit friendz, so no rehearsal was needed for chemistry tests, dramatic moonlighting artistz the lot of ’em. Most of us work at the mall featured in the last two scenez. After each shift, it’s off to make music, shoot something, plot, etc.

Draw up the psychedelic happeningz.

Kazuki created this website on an adjacent wave, a platform for the indie indie production, etching out a space for material that wouldn’t otherwise have funding. The scrappy works. So, yeah, I had a daylight slasher cookin’, and he needed content for the opening slate. Here you are! We hope you dig the vibe.

Our cast is made up of like-minded goofz, high in the imagination sphere – – they act in musical theatre, as extraz in Netflix Originals, make music ’til sunrise, weld cardboard, spray glitter, artisanal blood like sorcererz.

And the idea iz we need personal art. Not-so-calculated, with artistic expression from each department at the forefront. Against the instantaneous barrage of sponsored ads, promo posts, a feed that channels social media toward independently financed production, and in doing so feeds back into the culture short films, music, podcasts, editorials empowering the no-budge, we’ll cook it up ourselvez, cuz courage, imagination, and friends will make it true, will discover new perspectivez, full stop ~




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