Introducing DI’s New Slate of Films- Fall 2018


Daylight Interactive, a new multimedia company anchored towards unique diverse storytelling, announces a slate of films set to premiere later this Fall and Holiday Season. Among the new films are an award-winning short, Marina, directed by Story Chen (“A Woman’s Gaze”)  focused on the story of a girl who inherited Spinal Muscular Atrophy; a short film shot in Paris, Les Temps Perdus, exploring the life of old man remembering his romantic encounter many years ago; and Ding Dong Ditch, a horror short shot on 16mm created by the team of 4210 Strand (“Psychadelic” Series and “Brainwash Academy”). And rounding out the slate of new films is the sci-fi drama, The Idealist, exploring a weapons developer who tries to save his dying wife by transforming her into a super-soldier.


Daylight Interactive’s full slate of new films this fall includes:














Ding Dong Ditch

David Raygoza – 2018 – USA – 10 minutes – Release: October 31, 2018

The morning after Halloween, one still-costumed party guest returns as the fatal, encircling manifestation of separation anxiety.

Key Credits: Written and Directed by David Raygoza; Director of Photography by Nick Rasdal; Starring Oliver Alvarez, Oscar Perez, Elizabeth Conway


Story Chen – 2018 – USA/China – 13 minutes – Release: November 21, 2018

After losing control of her legs, Marina’s body deteriorates faster than she imagines. While the father withholds the truth from her, Marina’s memory of mom’s death keeps coming to her. Struggling between life and death, trying to understand different realities, Marina’s time is counting down. Before losing control of her body completely, what will be her choice?

Key Credits: Directed by Story Chen; Produced by Hua Gong, Yun Yi, Elizabeth Groth; Director of Photography by Isabella Tan; Starring Lily Brooks O’Briant (“Presentation”, “Shark Lake”), Lance R. Marshall, and Mel House


Les Temps Perdus

Julian C. Santos – 2018 – USA/France – 10 minutes – Release: December 7, 2018

An old man remembers a fateful romantic encounter with a local Parisian woman many years ago.

Key Credits: Directed by Julian C. Santos; Director of Photography- Dora Chen; Starring- Marion Subtil, Elliot Turner, and Jeffry Kaplow


The Idealist

Kazuki Akiba – 2018 – USA – 14 minutes – Release: December 20, 2018

A weapons developer experiments on his dying wife and transforms her into an android, proving his super-soldier project feasible. Armed with this powerful technology, they are embroiled in political intrigue and must face their ruined marriage.

Key Credits: Directed by Kazuki Akiba; Produced by Jean Ng and Kazuki Akiba; Written by Jake Rogers and Kazuki Akiba; Starring Stephen Macari, Lindsay Gitter, Mason Heidger (“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”, “Scapegoat”), and Brendan Boyce (“Lotus”, “Perfect”, “Bottled Up”)


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