MARINA (2018) | Short Film [HD]


Daylight Interactive presents an AmeriChinaGroup Production. #Marina is directed by award-winning director Story Chen (“A Woman in Gaze”). Marina has won over multiple awards across various film festivals including Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and Norwegian International Seagull Short Film Festival.

Synopsis: After losing control of her legs, Marina’s body deteriorates faster than she imagines. While the father withholds the truth from her, Marina’s memory of mom’s death keeps coming to her. Struggling between life and death, trying to understand different realities, Marina’s time is counting down. Before losing control of her body completely, what will be her choice?

Key Credits: Directed by Story Chen; Produced by Hua Gong, Yun Yi, Elizabeth Groth; Director of Photography by Isabella Tan; Starring Lily Brooks O’Briant (“Presentation”, “Shark Lake”), Lance R. Marshall, and Mel House


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