Saturday, May 28, 2022

Stories for You

Stories For You focuses on unique underrepresented voices from various industries that need to be heard.


The Internet is Transforming Language

This topic is seriously fascinating to me (sidebar: I studied Linguistics in college, at one time even planning to pursue a PhD)....



Cheryl Davis: Working On What Jazzes You To An Emmy Nomination | Stories For You | S1: EP 2

Episode 2: Cheryl Davis     Cheryl Davis started off her professional career as an attorney working at major law firms...

BONUS: PR Experiment with Marissa Feinberg

BONUS: PR Experiment with Marissa Feinberg     A Daylight Interactive update on this show and a bonus clip where Marissa...

The Accidental Chess Master: Francis “Kumi” Hinson | Stories For You |S1: EP 3

Episode 3: Francis "Kumi" Hinson     Francis "Kumi" Hinson was on his way to life in liberal arts until his...
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