Saturday, May 30, 2020

Stories for You

Stories For You focuses on unique underrepresented voices from various industries that need to be heard.


The Internet is Transforming Language

This topic is seriously fascinating to me (sidebar: I studied Linguistics in college, at one time even planning to pursue a PhD)....



Hamdan Azhar: From Data Scientist to Emoji Visionary and Tech Ambassador | Stories For You | S1: EP 7

Episode 7: Hamdan Azhar     From his humble beginning, Hamdan Azhar fought his way to the top of the biostatistics...

Marissa Feinberg: The Social Impact Innovator | Stories For You | S1: EP 6

Episode 6: Marissa Feinberg     When Marissa Feinberg left her full-time corporate job to start coworking spaces pre-WeWork Era, she...
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