Sayonara Baseball | Teaser | Podcast Series


Sayanora Baseball Teaser

Daylight Interactive and Media 3 LTD has a new podcast, Sayonara Baseball. This is a baseball podcast where two Japanese guys (Kazuki and Taro) in media, find unseen baseball gems by analyzing them alongside different trends, news, and motivation behind many moves around the league today (from Japanese players coming to the MLB to Tanking). And they try to make something that seems boring about baseball…actually really awesome.  Sayonara Baseball premieres in May.

Sayonara Baseball is hosted by Kazuki Akiba and Taro Hori. It is produced by Kazuki Akiba. Additional research editing by Maria Tierney, Mike Wolfson and Noah Lachica. Edited and mixed by Kazuki Akiba and Music by Cade Margus.


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