Natalia Bougadellis: From Blood-E to Blue Slate Films | Stories For You | S1: EP 4


Episode 4: Natalia Bougadellis


Storytelling has always been in Natalia’s blood and passion. From Greece to the US, the journey allowed her to strengthen her focus and convictions. The same feeling of conviction that lead her to wide range of accomplishments. Find out how Natalia went from co-founding the largest non-profit in Greece—and what she’s doing now with her new companies, NXM Photos and Blue Slate Films.

Stories For You is hosted by Kazuki Akiba. It is produced by Reed Yurman and edited by Kazuki Akiba, John Lanternier and Nicole Bernardo. Ray Lanuza and GrayLaptop mixed the episode. Music by Graylaptop.


About Natalia Bougadellis:

Natalia is a director and cinematographer from Athens, Greece. She recently graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied film and television production.Though Natalia has been working in New York these past few years, she is still very connected to her hometown, Athens, where she shot her critically acclaimed directorial debut, “The Owls.” The film has played in eleven countries and over thirty film festivals. Natalia is a strong advocate of gender equality and the promotion of queer narratives in the film industry.

She has received several distinctions and awards for her work. Natalia has also served as one of the Co-directors of the Fusion Film Festival, that celebrates women in film and is part of the Sundance Initiative for Women. She has worked professionally in Dublin, Athens, Abu Dhabi, and in various cities throughout the United States.

In New York, Natalia, has worked as a cinematographer on digital marketing materials as well as internal videos for companies such as Calvin Klein, Avon, Nike, and Firmenich. She also started Blue Slate Films LLC, a production company based in NY.


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