Hessvacio Hassan: The Man Behind Made In Brooklyn Games | Stories For You | S1: EP 5


Episode 5: Hessvacio Hassan



Born and raised in Far Rockaway, New York, Hessvacio Hassan fought his way to the top of the developer circle and today strives to make games that focus on social commentary and reflect change and diversity in the media landscape. But his journey to running his own business wasn’t an easy one. Hessvacio talks with Kazuki about the people who encouraged him down that path, and his realization and passion for game development.
Hessvacio Hassan is the founder and CEO of Made in Brooklyn Games.

Stories For You is hosted by Kazuki Akiba. It is produced by Kazuki Akiba and Reed Yurman. Additional dialogue written by Tiffany Khuu and Nicole Bernardo. Edited by John Lanternier and Nicole Bernardo. Ray Lanuza and GrayLaptop mixed the episode and Music by Graylaptop.


About Hessvacio Hassan:

Hessvacio Hassan is the creator and lead developer of Museum Multiverse a VR series for the Gear VR and Oculus Go. He also recently released VR experience for the Gear VR called Don’t Look Away, which has been downloaded over 300k times to date.

Hessvacio works with the independent game community of New York City. He currently helps to build the community in the city and create video games with members of the community. His work moves from arcade cabinet games for the Games Award Show for Schick Hydro to messager games to promote Facebook’s new instant games. He also has a personal site where he shares the latest projects He worked on http://hessvacio.com.

Hessvacio has been a developer for the past three years who has worked for companies like Microsoft and IAC. His team at IAC focuses on improving the quality of the company’s products for the users. Previously, he was in the Civic technology space as a web developer for Microsoft, creating technology for good. Hessvacio has also founded a game studio, Made in Brooklyn Games, where the team strives to make rich, engaging content with a focus on social commentary and works to promote change in the media they produce.


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