Kayhan Vaziri: Bringing the Change in Punk Rock | Stories For You | S1: EP 9


Episode 9: Kayhan Vaziri




Kayhan Vaziri is an Iranian-American bassist who was in many of the popular punk rock bands of the decade, Die Young (TX) and Coliseum with their respective experimental approach to the genre. Exclaim! named Coliseum’s 2010 album “House with a Curse” the No. 6 Punk Album of 2010. He toured and performed in different concert venues around the world with over 10 albums under his belt. But his journey was filled with a lot of bumps on the road, as he goes from being aspiring musician in the Southeast to being part of big musical groups with record label deals. Kayhan talks with Kazuki about the people who encouraged him down that path, and his passion and pursuit in the DIY underground music scene.

Kayhan Vaziri is the bassist and member of Yautja. 

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Stories For You is hosted by Kazuki Akiba and produced by Kazuki Akiba and Reed Yurman. Additional dialogue written by Tiffany Khuu and Nicole Bernardo. It is edited by Kazuki Akiba and Nicole Bernardo. Aaron Gibbs and GrayLaptop mixed this episode. Music by Graylaptop.

Special Thanks to Aaron Gibbs for the recording in Birmingham, Alabama.

Songs and Audio featured in this episode include:
“Survival Instinct” by Die Young (TX)
“Sunlight in the Snowstorm” by Coliseum
“We Are The Water” by Coliseum

About Kayhan Vaziri:

Kayhan Vaziri is a 31-year old Iranian-American musician living in Birmingham, AL. He has played with several musical acts throughout his career; most notably Coliseum, Yautja and Die Young. His music has allowed him to travel the world, including most of North America, several countries in South America and Europe, and Australia. When he’s not touring, writing or recording, Kayhan runs a small market that he owns with his father in his home-city of Birmingham.


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