Take 2 | Episode 2 [HD] | Queer of Color Representation



Check out the second episode of Take 2 which is a brand new video essays series that shines a spotlight on unseen cinematic gems, analyzing them alongside mainstream classics!

Episodic Synopsis: Films are cultural archives, artifacts of values and viewpoints of specific moments in time. What this means is that in capitalist heteropatriarchal cultures—like our own—that privilege whiteness, wealth, heterosexuality, and masculinity as its norms, cinema will privilege these things as well. This remains true even, and sometimes especially, when representing marginalized communities. Consider the fact that out of the albeit already small handful of movies concerning queer men being released this fall, only one centers around a queer man of color.

Hosted by Emily Pinto
Produced by Julian C Santos and Tatiana Youpa
Written by Chaia Mascall

Films: Bohemian Rhaspody, Call me By Your Name, Brokeback Mountain, Moonlight, Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, Girls in the Spider Web, and many others.


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