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We’re very excited to launch a website dedicated to sharing underrepresented stories. We shine a spotlight on diverse and inclusive content that we create and discover to reflect the realities of life. We have four  original series that will be part of Daylight Interactive’s programming, which we are eager to soon share the unheard tales and voices.

We can’t wait for you to explore our editorial section and learn more on the different stories unfolding in the online community today.

Why I started:

Having gone to film school and working in the media industry for several years, I’ve always enjoyed creating and consuming different types of content. I’ve had constant debates with friends about the future of content distribution and consumption around the world.

As I’ve produced more and more content, and as I’ve engaged with a number of different platforms, I’ve realized that fresh voices are not always reflected.We’re mired by cliches and adaptations that oftentimes play it safe.

In mid-2016, I began to work on an idea for documentary series (now known as Meal Ticket) focused on immigrant chefs in New York City. As we dove into the stories of these individuals, I gained a new perspective of on struggle, especially the lengths people go to to overcome their struggles. I’ve realized that there are stories within each of these struggles.

Each person’s journey is different, and that’s what makes it worth discussing..  

An increase in diverse voices  is an opportunity to showcase these previously unheard stories. It’s not just marketing. It’s about people wanting something that means something to them. I believe there’s a chance for people to shine. It’s about creating a community for these people to work on something new, unique, and intriguing.

I’ve kept waiting for someone to do that.

Then it came this thought…the thought that can get a lot of people into trouble…”I can do that”…

Though, it wasn’t easy at first, as I’ve struggled to find the time and people to work with. I waited and waited until one day, someone said to me, “You’re never going to do it….you’ll stay at where you are and just stay comfortably.” That quote added a fuel to my fire.

As Mark Zuckerberg once said, “Imperfect is perfect. If you’re Steve Jobs, you can wait for your product to be perfect. For the rest of us, if you’re not embarrassed by your first product release, you’ve released it too late.”

So,after a year of developing the idea,with many people agreeing to work with me,it’s finally come into fruition.

I’ve decided on the name “Daylight Interactive” because this platform is about discovering and uncovering the knowledge and understanding of things that have previously been obscure or underrepresented.

I look forward to the start of something new and bright!

Kazuki Akiba, CEO/Founder of Daylight Interactive


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